Street Art experiments in Brazil


There’s a large-scale street art experiment taking place in both Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. Large wall based depictions of ordinary people are now being displted on walls and buildings in both cities, using graffiti, photographic and stencil techniques.

For instance, in the North zone of Rio twenty-seven children from a local school, Baron Macahubas, are now shown in an innovative spray and graffiti montage. In addition, many people have been immortalised on a massive 300 metre wall on Avenida Martin Luther King.

In Sao Paolo, bus passengers are shown in large scale stencil and paint  by artist ‘Ozi’ at the Urban Terminal Vila Nova, Cachoeirinha.

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Labour shortage in Rio de Janeiro

img1398068365 (1)

Nowadays everyone is used to hearing about unemployment. After all, it’s one of the biggest problems of the modern world, parts of Brazil no less than anywhere else. Not enough paid work for people who need it, therefore less income for the people of a country , less purchasing of goods and services, less tax income for the Government, and so on.

But just occasionally, there’s the opposite problem, an actual shortage of suitable workers for the jobs on offer. Take Rio de Janeiro, for example. In this FIFA World Cup year, unemployment in the area is only 3.5 % ( March 2014 statistic); well within the bounds of the ‘temporary/ transient’ type of jobless situation.. In practice, many jobs remain unfilled for a long time as many workers can ‘pick and choose’..

Employers are now having to relax requirements for new employees. Particularly welcome is a general flexibility nowadays regarding age, which wasn’t so lenient before. There’s also more evidence of ‘poaching’ of employees.

The City Government is expecting the situation to ease after the World Cup when the metropolitan economy cools back to ‘normal’ levels.

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Retail boost predicted for Brazil this Easter


An important part of the retail industry in Brazil is predicting a solid boost for takings during the Easter break. Regarding sales in shopping mall units, ALSHOP the Brazilian Association of Shopkeepers in Malls recently conducted a survey forecast a significant increase over last year.

In particular, chocolate eggs and other items are expected to surge by up to fourteen per cent. Nabil Sahyoun that in anticipation of the increase 22,000 more retail workers have been temporarily employed to cover the Easter period. Although chocolate goods are centrally important, he explained that other items such as children’s toys and clothes are also expected to experience a seasonal blip

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There’s a raging controversy in Brazil about the use of natural ethanol as an additive in motor fuels. The debate has been given extra sharpness lately by the proposal to increase the ethanol content in gasoline (petrol) from twenty-five percent to 27.5%.

On the one hand the Cane Sugar Industry Union (UNICA) claimed the move will have no ill effects and will even benefit engines, the economy and the environment generally while reducing Brazil’s need for imported petroleum.

On the other hand, ANFAVIA, the Motor Manufacturers’ Group say that the extra ethanol will damage both engines and the environment and therefore the petroleum percentage ought to be maintained.

The issue is being evaluated by the Ministry of Energy but a final decision is not expected soon.

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The important Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro is set to receive a total of 235 billion US Dollars in private and public investments. This huge sum will be applied across the two years from this year (2014) to 2016.

The figure has been calculated and announced in the recent survey ‘Decision Rio’ published by ‘Firjan’ –the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The grand total quoted represents an increase of eleven per cent over the previous equivalent period.

By far the largest share of the overall amount is for the oil and gas industries which will receive an estimated US$ % 143 billion.

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Alecrim have qualified for their first ever Brazilian Cup after securing a third place finish in the Rio Grande do Norte State Championship.  Needing a victory at home to Baraunas to qualify for Brazil’s national cup competition, the EcoHouse-sponsored team held a 2-1 lead going in to the last five minutes.

However it appeared all was lost in the 88th when Vitor scored for Baraunas, but the Alecrim players never let their heads drop and just one minute from the final whistle, striker Rodrigo da Lua scored the decisive goal to send the home crowd wild.  The Alecrim players can now look forward to potentially facing some of the top teams in Brazil next season, in what will be the club’s centenary year.

“I want to thank the fans and all those who worked so hard to be part of this fantastic achievement.  In 2015 Alecrim will celebrate its 100th birthday, and as a fruit of the hard work everyone has put in, we will compete in a huge national competition.  Everyone in the Alecrim family has once again showed their strength and achieved yet another objective, participation in the Brazilian Cup.  The hard work continues!” said Alecrim President and EcoHouse CEO Anthony Armstrong Emery.

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Mantega Reassures Country as Inflation Rises In Brazil


Guido Mantega, Brazil’s Minister of Finance reassured the country today after a sharp rise in inflation for March. Mr. Mantega explained that this spike in the figures is only temporary and is accounted for by a recent surge in food and transport costs that is sure to subside soon.

The national Consumer Price Index the IPCA jumped by 0.92 % for March, certainly a worrying increase. However, the annual figure of 6.15% is still within the countrys pre-set tolerance limit of six point five per cent.

The Minister and his team ( and indeed everyone else in Brazil) will be keeping a close eye on the situation in future to see if their optimism is justified.

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