Self Storage Investments Good or Bad

Self storage investments, also know as storepod or storage pod investments are a relatively new concept, the investment seem sounds and TV pestenter Quintin Willson is backing one on the largest of these new emerging companies.

The UK’s self storage companies have seen the highest growth and highest yielding returns within the commercial property sector over the last decade. Investment in self storage is SIPP approved meaning you can invest using existing savings, existing SIPP, frozen or existing pension funds.

Self Storage promises a Guaranteed 8% minimum return per annum and investment starts at just £3750, so is there a catch or not?

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6 comments on “Self Storage Investments Good or Bad
  1. Here’s one of the videos you mention starring Quinton Willson

  2. Evan The Mule says:

    A friend of mine invested when it first launched last year and is seeing a regular monthly income from it, to be honest i can’t find any bad press on this investment, it’s a tangible investment which is rare these days, plus the return is miles better than bank returns.. in my opinion if this site features an investment then its a good one..

  3. Phillip says:

    Have a look at this link. Shows Toby Whittaker and his failed directorships over the years. Look at the average time a company is trading. More are going under this month. Can’t see Storefist lasting a great length of time

    • leon says:

      And Toby Whittaker is?

      • Simon says:

        Toby Whittaker is the main shareholder, director and 100% shareholder of Group 1st holdings. who hold all the cards! dont you people ever do any research. Don’t complain when you loose all your money you mug!

      • dave wong says:

        This is a discussion forum so no place for trolls, Leon was simple asking who Toby Whittaker is? no need to call anyone a mug..

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