Is wine a good investment? Investing in vintage wine funds, particularly classified Bordeaux and fine Super Tuscan wines have become very popular investments in recent years, or is this what many alternative investment websites who promote the investment want you to think?

Has anyone invested in wine and seen a good return? or is this another investment scam? seeing as making a decent return usually requires that you wait a number of year before ‘cashing in’ your investment so to speak’ people investing now won’t even know they have been scammed until years down the line. Now I’m not saying that all wine investment is a scam but the nature of the investment does mean that it is open to abuse by con artists and scammers.The Investor usually gets a certificate to say that they own a barrel ro barrels of wine thousands of miles away in some vineyard, and unless they turn up to said vineyard with their certificate are they really certain that they own anything at all?