The Brazilian economy recently overtook the UK to become the sixth largest economy in the world. This is due in part to the diverse range of products and services which come from Brazil, and in part to the upcoming sporting double of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 and the Rio Olympics 2016. As one of the recognised BRICS emerging markets alongside Russia, China, India and South Africa, the Brazilian economy continues to expand at a rapid rate, attracting foreign investment and creating a growing middle class.


The percentage of the population of Brazil now counted as middle class has risen to around 51%. More consumers means a need for improved infrastructure. The Brazilian government has pledged huge amounts of money to go towards improvements in transport, health, education and housing. One of the most popular government schemes in entitled minha casa minha vida, which translates as my house my life. The minha casa minha vida social housing project has been running since 2009, with the aim of providing the eight million quality, affordable homes needed across the country. Since 2010 minha casa minha vida Brazil was opened up to private construction companies in a bid to attract further foreign investment. EcoHouse Brazil, part of the UK-based EcoHouse Group, are one of the private companies who have been on board with minha casa minha vida from the beginning.


EcoHouse Brazil invite investors in the UK and Singapore to contribute funds to each new minha casa minha vida development. Once enough funding is made available EcoHouse Brazil are able to begin construction of the latest housing project. Upon completion the homes are sold to families who are eligible for the minha casa minha vida scheme at a capped rate set in place by the government and through a special subsidised mortgage. The overseas investor with EcoHouse Brazil then receives back the amount of their initial investment plus a return of 15%. As demand for the minha casa minha vida homes currently far outweighs the supply this is an extremely low risk investment opportunity. EcoHouse Brazil have already provided hundreds of affordable homes for Brazilian families and are currently working on their third development which it is hoped will be completed early next year.