EcoHouse Brazil are one of the private companies which make up the driving force behind the Brazilian government’s popular minha casa minha vida social housing scheme. The idea behind the minha casa minha vida (which stands for ‘my house, my life) is to provide affordable housing required for around eight million low to middle income families. The government itself has ploughed millions of Real into the scheme, and after a year of operation opened up construction opportunities to private companies such as EcoHouse Brazil in order to attract outside investment. So far minha casa minha vida has provided housing for approximately ten million Brazilians (three million families), many of which have been constructed using foreign investment through groups such as EcoHouse Brazil, which is part of the UK-based EcoHouse Group.


The EcoHouse Group opened offices in Suntec Tower, Singapore, in 2012 to serve their Singapore investors. By widening the net EcoHouse Brazil are able to attract more foreign investment which enables them to construct more much needed housing through minha casa minha vida Brazil. So far over fifteen hundred investors have come on board through the new Singapore offices, each seeing around a 15% return on their initial investment over a period of approximately twelve months. This outside investment enables the Brazilian government to adequately house the entire population in a more timely fashion whilst directing funding to other areas of the country’s infrastructure.


EcoHouse Brazil offer all their investors an open door policy which includes full transparency at all times. Investors who wish to see bank statements, sales reports, costings and letters from the government can do so at any time throughout the period of their investment. For those who wish to see the work being done first hand, EcoHouse Brazil operate trips to Brazil to view the work on the minha casa minha vida properties in action. The EcoHouse Group offer fortnightly events for investors to meet the team, and one-to-one meetings by appointment at any time. This policy of total transparency means that investors are aware at every stage where their money is being used and how. Although no investment can be guaranteed, EcoHouse Brazil have proven time and again that the risks involved in minha casa minha vida are minimal. Demand for the housing is currently far higher than the build rate, making investor returns deliverable.