EcoHouse Group pay outs in Singapore increase confidence amongst investors

20121119_111151Last week alone EcoHouse Group paid 500,000 SGD to investors with pay outs of a further 250,000 SGD expected to be paid this week and an additional 2m SGD by the end of December. All of this is adding to confidence as the pace of construction is expected to increase significantly over the next few days on Casa Nova Park and Bosque do Acacias.

EcoHouse recently admitted that the pace of construction had been hampered by a “perfect storm” of factors including bank strikes and general issues with engineering and building teams. On admitting that these issues would lead to inevitable delays of up to several months on phases into which Singaporeans had invested heavily, the company offered a solution that has seen excellent take up. Even though the contract states clearly that delays would result in a 1% penalty to EcoHouse for each month the project is late the company decided to recognise the loyalty shown by knowledgeable investors by paying a 20% upfront return to those extending their contract term by a further year from the 12 months originally offered.

Anthony Armstrong EmeryEcoHouse Group Founder, Anthony Armstrong Emery, commented: “We are doing everything we can to complete the units as quickly as possible. We should see a significant uplift in workforce in Brazil this week and our construction updates over the coming weeks should make happier viewing than recently. What we are noticing is that the improved communication from our side combined with a sensible and pragmatic approach from most of our investors is leading to a feeling that we are in this as a team, working towards a shared goal rather than an ‘us and them’ attitude that helps nobody. None of us wanted delays but now they are here we have to minimise the impact and catch up as best we can”.

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11 comments on “EcoHouse Group pay outs in Singapore increase confidence amongst investors
  1. S Reeves says:

    I’m thinking about investing, anyone here invested and been paid out? company and projects look 100% legit, construction photos, videos, video testimonial etc… but i saw a negative comment on another blog…

    • Paul Brunte says:

      Yes… it is 100% legit, You can find negative comments about any company if you search no matter how big and respectd they are, usually they are posted by rivals or ex-employees on annonymous blogs…. ecohouse has positive stuff all over the internet and in premium newspapers….I’m from the UK and they have appeared in the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express… the CEO appears on TV a lot in Brazil (youtube search Anthony Armstrong Emery) and apart from social housing the company also builds premium homes, luxury towers blocks, office blocks, own restaurants, owns football clubs in Brazil and Italy, donates to hospitals and other charities… why someone would put a negative comment on a blog about this company is beyond me? what blog was this??

  2. David Wong says:

    Yes, Ecohouse Group and Minha Casa Minha Vida are both 100% legit, I have personally invested twice and been paid out on both occassions… there is, as you know one anti-ecohouse blog not sure who the person is and why he has a gripe with ecohouse but all comments seem to be fake and from a single person with no evidence to back them up, I’d say you can safely invest, ecohouse area massive company involved in more that just minha casa minha vida..

  3. EcoReal-Insights says:

    David Wong, which projects have you invested in and are paid out fully? Care to share? Why not check the yahoo news out for the real deal?–sector.html

    • R Kendle says:

      Thanks for the link, This is an impartial article and doesn’t take sides, you have probably just read the title…, yes it mentions delays and some investors frustration, but it also mentions the legitimate reasons for delays and clearly shows that ecohouse are doing all they can to bring construction back on track….

      Delays happen, I’ve been investing in property for over 15 years… the problem is, and this has been mentioned before on other blogs, is that the investment ecohouse offer is open to all and at £23k is affordable to many novice investors..

      And I am certain that the investors approaching law firms are being coerced into doing so by unscrupulous third parties… Im not a current investor but did invest in ecohouse’s first MCMV project and was happy with my return. If i was a current investor I would simply need to restructure my portfolio and accept the delays ( which i would have factored in when i invested) and take the 1% per month they are offering….

      Can’t understand why people are posting things like this on blogs anyway…. Is is a Singaporean thing???

  4. EcoReal-Insights says:

    R Kendle, are you a current marketing agent of Eco? There is a Richard Kendle in youtube who seemed to “like” all the existing video released by Eco. In fact, he even posted the very first video of Wendy Kwek. Not sure if you are the same guy?

    • Devlin E says:

      I know many who have invested with eco house also, not sure where these negative comments are coming from, no one i know is saying anything bad about the company or the investment, there are no official news reports saying anything bad, there are even videos from investors saying how happy they are…. to date i know of one amatuer blogger who seems to have it in for the company, Im sure eco house know who this person and i dont think he is effecting investor decisions…

  5. EcoReal-Insights says:

    Ecohouse selling in excess of 1,200 units in Singapore would imply total funds raise in excess of SGD55m since last year.

  6. Greg Howell says:

    All the negative stuff is from a few people in Singapore, who are being coerced into kicking up a fuss by some amateur blogger called John Clare ( look him up, he’s a tool) and a few of his followers, all because a few payouts were late…

    This is investing, nothing is guaranteed, it’s like buying a house and then complaining to the developers when you’re stuck in negative equity, or trying to sue them because the person buying your home can’t get a mortgage and your own move is delayed, it’s ridiculous, Singaporeans must have a very limited knowledge and understanding as to what an investment is, all investments are risky, but to be honest the ecohouse minha casa minha vida investment doesn’t really come with any, there is a waiting list for social housing, ecohouse are building some of the highest quality social housing units there are, so construction wasn’t completed on-time, what a surprise, like all the World Cup/Olympic Stations have been completed on time!!!, Fact is they WILL be completed, they will be sold and the investor will get their return.

    Bottom line is…. if you can’t factor in repayment delays when investing in things such as new build property then you shouldn’t really be investing.

    If you can’t afford to wait for your payment due to banking , currency, red tape and other delay’s, you shouldn’t be investing.

    If your going to let amateur blogger (who seems to have an axe to grind with the developer )wind you up and coerce you into kicking up a fuss, you shouldn’t be investing.

    • Diane Mears says:

      Could’nt agree more Greg, When an investment is open to everyone because of a low entery level you do get more issues like this…. You can’t really blame the investors, like you have mentioned there is always someone behind them pulling the strings, If these novice investors sought the guidence of a professional advisor he/she would say that they are over-reacting and this happens and happens a lot…

  7. Sun says:

    I’m a Singapore investor and I have not kicked up a fuss, nor have other investors I know… It seems to be a small group of 2 or 3 investors… I too agree completely with what Greg says…. althought I would say that I am a novice investor but i am intelligent enough to understand risks and delays…. by the way I was paid out by ecohouse just last week.

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