EcoHouse Brazil are one of the private construction companies working hand in hand with the Brazilian government through the minha casa minha vida social housing scheme. The revolutionary minha casa minha vida project has proven so popular that two successive governments have adopted and furthered the scheme, investing government funds and attracting foreign investment in order to provide eligible families in Brazil with affordable, quality homes to by. For the first time members of the minha casa minha vida scheme are able to apply for special subsidised mortgages in order to purchase their home. EcoHouse Brazil are currently working on their third minha casa minha vida development.


The minha casa minha vida homes are available only to those families who receive a verifiably modest income. This system prevent the purchase and resale of the homes by the rich and moderately rich, which would inflate prices and prevent the low to middle income families the scheme is aimed at from being able to afford the purchase price. Companies such as EcoHouse Brazil raise funding for the project through foreign investment. Once enough monies have been raised the latest housing development can be completed. Due to standardised planning and materials each new development takes just twelve months to complete. EcoHouse Brazil investors then receive their initial investment back plus a return of 15% once the properties have been sold.


The very nature of the minha casa minha vida Brazil project makes it one of the safest types of investment on the market. There are currently millions of Brazilian families on the waiting list for a minha casa minha vida home, meaning that demand at present far outweighs supply. This results in a situation where each property is practically sold before build is even complete, making the investment as safe as it is possible to be. EcoHouse Brazil offer full transparency at all times, including the provision of bank statements, costings, invoices and other financial documentation, one on one meetings and fortnightly events, and even trips to Brazil to see the construction process underway. In this way investors in EcoHouse Brazil are kept informed every step of the way as to how and where their money is being used and how long the project is expected to take before a return is available.