New Business Airport for Sao Paulo

Permission has finally been granted to the JHSF building firm by the Environmental Company of Sao Paolo ( CETESB) for the construction of a new airport. Work will begin next month on the facility which will be based at Sao Roque at Km 60 on the Castello Branco Highway.

The airport is intended for business flights only and will cater for the booming commercial community in this, the largest of Brazil’s cities. On arrival at the new site, business people will be whisked by helicopter ( if they wish) to the downtown business sector, less than a quarter of an hour away.

The new site, provisionally called the Executive Catarina Airport,  will include a runway of nearly 2,000 metres plus fifty thousand square metres of hangar space.

Surrounding ‘Catarina’ will be a whole new mini-city including commercial and