Nowadays everyone is used to hearing about unemployment. After all, it’s one of the biggest problems of the modern world, parts of Brazil no less than anywhere else. Not enough paid work for people who need it, therefore less income for the people of a country , less purchasing of goods and services, less tax income for the Government, and so on.

But just occasionally, there’s the opposite problem, an actual shortage of suitable workers for the jobs on offer. Take Rio de Janeiro, for example. In this FIFA World Cup year, unemployment in the area is only 3.5 % ( March 2014 statistic); well within the bounds of the ‘temporary/ transient’ type of jobless situation.. In practice, many jobs remain unfilled for a long time as many workers can ‘pick and choose’..

Employers are now having to relax requirements for new employees. Particularly welcome is a general flexibility nowadays regarding age, which wasn’t so lenient before. There’s also more evidence of ‘poaching’ of employees.

The City Government is expecting the situation to ease after the World Cup when the metropolitan economy cools back to ‘normal’ levels.