With Brazil now an investment hotspot for many experienced and novice investors thanks to companies like ecohouse group making investments in property not only more profitable but safer should investors be looking at Brazil’s other abundant resources such as gold.

Gold has been mined and produced in Brazil since earliest colonial days in the early seventeen hundreds. In those times, the main focus of the industry was the town (later city) of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais state, of which it was at one time the capital.

The city is and was around 500 Km north of Rio de Janeiro and it was expanded rapidly by thousands of adventurers and prospectors and their dependants, attracted by the prospect of rapid riches. For some people this ‘gold rush’ did transform their lives, but not all. However, enough prosperity did result to attract a second wave of immigrants in the 19th century. This time creative artists, architects and creative people of all types came to the area and created many of the beautiful buildings and artifacts which are still such an attractive feature of the city today.

In actual fact the settlement was only granted the more familiar name of ‘Ouro Preto’ in 1823 when it was changed from ‘Vila Rica’. This coincided ironically with a sharp decline in gold mining and was also as a result of the place being re-designated as an imperial town. At that time a number of higher education institutions also moved to the city. With the transfer of the provincial (state) capital to Belo Horizonte in 1897 a further decline in mining took place. Nowadays, and from the nineteen thirties onwards, the main industry in the area is tourism, although gold still does play a part.

These days, total gold production in Brazil is about seventy-five tonnes per year which does not compare with the really big world producers such as China (420 Tonnes per year), Australia (255) or the US and Russia (about 220 each). Taking into account total global production of around 2,800 Tonnes per year the nation’s percentage is indeed small.

However, the Brazilian total is not insignificant and actual primary production of the precious metal is in any case only part of the story. After all, the South American giant is now the world’s sixth largest GDP economy and has considerable gold reserves, quite separate from actual mining. Expansion is now taking place again. The main centres of production are ( and will be) the Kinross Gold mine at Paracatu, 230 Km from Brasilia, the AngloGold sites at Cuiaba and Corrego do Sitio in Minas Gerais and the Chapata joint Gold-Copper mine in Goias. All four are attracting much interesrt and investment from domestic and international sources alike.

In summary, Investing in Dilma’s minha casa minha vida social housing programme through reputable developers such as ecohouse group is still the safest way to profit from this booming economy, but when the programme comes to it’s inevitable end investor should be looking to diversify their portfolios with commodites such as gold and silver as we’ll as luxury beach resorts that are also on the rise in Brazil

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