Transport workers in Sao Paulo have launched a strike demanding a 10% pay rise. The walkout has brought Brazil’s largest city to a halt after half of its underground stations were closed. Within Sao Paulo, reports suggested that even FIFA executives were stuck in traffic jams for hours as a result of the strike.

Traffic jams are a huge problem in all major Brazilian cities, especially during commuting hours, with many Brazilians commuting two or three hours every morning. Some developers under government programme designed to build new homes for Brazilian families, Minha Casa, MInha Vida, have been accused of exacerbating this problem by constructing developments on cheap land far outside major cities. However, UK-based developer EcoHouse Group makes a point of constructing its developments in Natal and Porto Alegre close to major employment hubs.

In Natal, all EcoHouse Group developments are within a 40 minute bus trip of the city centre, with education facilities on site to provide the quickest possible commute for Brazilian families. In Porto Alegre, EcoHouse Group has deliberately positioned its Monte Alegre development between the city centre and Gravatai, where Pirelli and General Motors have plants.

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