EcoHouse Group Expand Their Operations South to Rio Grande Do Sul

The growth of the middle classes in Brazil is a big demand driver behind the current boom in real estate investment in the country.  Natal, capital of the north eastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte is a prime example of a new middle class district expanding because of this demand for new affordable homes.

Natal, is quickly becoming, is one of the fastest growing cities in north east Brazil with rapidly expanding suburbs and huge opportunities for new businesses and Brazilian real estate investment.

Brazilian mortgage lending hit R$79.9 billion in 2011, an increase of 42%. ABECIP expects a rise of 30% by the end of 2014 which is all thanks to the Minha Casa Minha Vida social housing programme that gives millions of Brazilians a real chance of getting on to the property ladder a task that was once though impossible for anyone but the mega rich.

The programme however depends on enough new minha casa minah vida qualifying homes being building to match the huge demand; this is where Anglo-Brazilian real estate giant EcoHouse Group (who have offices in London, Brazil, North America, Singapore, Malaysia and China) comes into the picture.

To build quicker and to cut out a lot of the red tape involved in obtaining Bank finance in Brazil, EcoHouse instead turn to private investors, offering them amazing returns with a 12 months turn around, this has allowed them to build not one, not two but three separate minha casa minha vida developments in Rio Grande do Norte and earn millions for investors over the last 4 years.

After this amazing success in the North East, EcoHouse have now headed South to the state of Rio Grand Do Sul, With its first project in state ‘Monte Alegre’ being built in the suburb of Alvorada which is just 16KM from the state capital of Porto Alegre.

New groundbreaking construction methods adopted by EcoHouse earlier this year will allow them to build new homes quicker than ever, and with an ever growing waiting list of mortgage approved Brazilian families eager to move into their new homes at soon as they are built, return on investment is guaranteed making minha casa minha vida investments the safest and most profitable type property investment around.

However, Just like their previous developments, Acro Iris, Casa Nova and Bosque there are a limited number of units to invest in, investors are advised to make enquires early.

For more information on Monte Alegre visit the dedicated Monte Alegre Investment website, or visit EcoHouse Group’s main website.

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One comment on “EcoHouse Group Expand Their Operations South to Rio Grande Do Sul
  1. erbium says:

    As an investor in their last development ‘Bosque’ I can confirm that this is a good company to invest in.. ecohouse seem to have reduced the investment amount though to £21,000, so percentage wise your return is less (bosque was £23,000), but its less money tired up in property..

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