From the early 1900’s right through to the 1970’s and beyond coal was the most popular household fuel It was quite cheap and long lasting, unfortunately it wasn’t the cleanest of fuels and coal fire where draughty, dirty, messy and  inefficient and making a coal fire took a certain skill, remember your mother or father holding up a sheet of newspaper over the fireplace to get the fire started?

Cold fires where however warm and welcoming, they looked lovely, with multicoloured flames dancing above the coal, and glowing caves between the pieces of coal, but with the popularity of central heating rising, the coal fire began to die out and was replace with more efficient type of heating such as gas or old power central heating systems and electric storage heaters.

It was this way for many years up until recently when rising gas and electricity prices forced people to rethink their heating needs…

Log burners and wood burning stoves had been around for 100’s of years, nothing creates the ideal ambiance on a chilly winter’s night than the warmness of a wood burner. The popularity of burning wood has considerably increased over the past few years, for various reasons including: controlling costs by moving to a more sustainable, cheaper fuel, wanting to become more carbon-neutral or merely wanting to take pleasure in a real flame fire! This has created a demand efficient and stylish wood burners and a for fuel, but can any wood be burnt?

Any wood will burn of a wood burner, however you want to avoid buying cheap packs of wood off auction sites such as ebay simply because you don’t know what you are getting, the wood may be from a derelict industrial site or closed down factory and may have soaked up toxins over the years, toxins that will get released when burnt, the wood may also not be as dry and it looks and feels and the moisture may be inside the wood making it difficult to burn

To work efficiently and economically, wood burners and the like need fuels that have very little moisture, this is where Kiln Dried Logs come in. Kiln Dried Logs are the most proficient logs for wood burners and wood burning stoves… The low moisture content of kiln dried firewood and logs also means they are lighter so easier to handle and carry, Kiln Dried Logs  can burn for up to three times longer that standard wood making using it very economical

Bryn Coal, Wigan import the highest quality dry kilned hardwood logs direct from Latvia and stock a  range of Ash, Oak and Birch all with less than 20% moisture content for a superior burn.

Bryn Coal are specialist in the supply of all types of firewood, seasoned logs, kiln dried logs and kindling to residential homes and commercial premises in Leigh, Wigan, Bolton, St Helens and the Surrounding areas, visit us online for more information



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