We hear lots of horror stories describing bad locksmiths here in the UK. This is mostly down to the reality that no licensing, certification or even training is necessary to set up a locksmith company and carry out work, so it is simple for non-professional persons and companies to entice customers to use their services rather than the services of a competently trained locksmith, and with the amplified use of the internet nowadays it has become even easier for these people to set up a locksmith business that looks very legitimate when in fact they have had no training at all.


A professional locksmith is skilled; he or she will have been trained to pick a lock whenever feasible whereas an unskilled amateur will just plough in with a hammer, chisel or drill and leave you needing to change the entire door, believe me, this happens quite a lot.

When someone is locked out of their home, office or vehicle they typically reach for their mobile device and search Google for local locksmiths and without checking out the company of person properly they have chosen they simply call them and expect a professional locksmith to turn up… most people are lucky and this does in fact happen, but what happens when an amateur ‘have a go’ jack of all trades turns up?

Beware of The Bait & Switch Con!

So why would someone make a decision to select a certain locksmith from a list of search results? Well most of the time it’s the price, this is how the amateurs operate, they make sure they display a very, low price in their ad text or meta description that get displayed in the search results, a price much lower than that of any local competitor to secure your custom

All across the internet you will find the guarantee of £25 £35 set priced locksmith services from scam individuals and companies. Don’t fall into their trap! They will advertise and display one price and then charge you an arm and a leg for a simple 5 minute job claiming things like travel time, fuels tools etc where not included, some will charge by the hour and make sure a job that could of been done within 30 minutes takes them 65 minutes and thus charge you for a 2 full hours. The horror stories are all over the internet.

Beware of Locksmith Call Centres

When searching for locksmith Tiverton online you might come across paid ads offering locksmiths services all over the country from a single company, of course this isn’t a locksmith willing to travel anything up to 800 miles to gain entry to your home, office of vehicle, these are large call centre who will then ring a locksmith off their books and add their own percentage, not only will this cost you more but as a membership fee is also required from the locksmiths using these call centres they are not very fussy about who they have on their books and will not typically vet a locksmith or check whether he or she is professionally trained or not

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