eSignlite is suitable for all types of businesses, we work with financial advisers, estate agents, internet marketing companies and a whole host of other businesses all praising our system for being both versatile and easy to use and it’s our versatility that has prompt companies selling and promoting investments to move over to eSignlite.

New FCA regulation now states that before being offered certain types of unregulated investment opportunities individuals must self certify that they are either a ‘High Net Worth Individual’ or a ‘Sophisticated Investor’ and that they are fully aware of the risks involved in these type of investments.

The law is made clear under the “Financial Services and Markets Act 2000” and even being showing an individual certain investment facts they must self certify which mean signing a self certify document.

This has caused a number of serious problems for many investment firms, some struggle with emailing out documents that they expect the client to print, sign, scan and return before giving out website passwords whilst others are ignoring the FCA regulations all together.

However eSignlite‘s with unique tools you can create a document, create response text, which can include website logins or access url’s and copy the unique 128-bit hash url to your website and automate the entire process.

This is the reason many investment companies are ditching other dated eSignture websites that don’t other the same versatility and coming over to eSignlite