OK, a new investment opportunity currently doing the rounds in the UK is a scheme allowing investment in private schools. This one i’m skeptical about though, of course their will always be kids, the population of the UK is growing every single year, but a good private school is always full with 100’s of children failing to meet the criteria and being turned down, fees in the best of these schools are phenomenal so why does Scarisbrick Hall need outside investment?

OK, I’m all for investment in our countries education but has anyone invested in this scheme

Scarisbrick Hall, in Scarisbrick, Lancashire, ...
Scarisbrick Hall, in Scarisbrick, Lancashire, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or does anyone know the full details? here’s some copy i found online..

Scarisbrick Hall is a unique 150 room mansion built between 1830 and 1860 by the famous architect Augustus Pugin. The Hall has been described as the finest example of residential Gothic renaissance architecture in the country and is officially listed as a building of special architectural interest.

Scarisbrick Hall is located in West Lancashire in the North West of England, situated on the outskirts of the village of Scarisbrick. The site has excellent transport connections, being situated just off the A570 which connects Ormskirk and Southport and the M58.

This Grade 1 listed building has been the home of an independent school since 1964. In 2009, in recognition and celebration of recent changes, the name of the school changed back to its former title of Scarisbrick Hall School; caring for and educating children from birth to 16. Scarisbrick Park, and its extensive estate, provides a wonderful setting for Scarisbrick Hall School. The wide expanse of woodland and pasture, the delightful gardens, the stream and the lake all combine to give an air of spacious grandeur and peace.

Under previous ownership the main building and roof area experienced some deterioration; this led to a substantial number of rooms becoming unusable as teaching and learning spaces limiting the number of pupil spaces available.

In 2007 the previous owners announced the proposed closure of the School having sold Scarisbrick Hall and land. To ensure the long term future of the School and to preserve the historical asset of the Hall in 2009 the current owners acquired the Hall and land then acquiring the school business in 2010. The substantial investment by the current owners in Scarisbrick Hall and School has resulted in a vibrant and profitable School business and the commencement of restoration works with the support from English Heritage and the Local Council, ensuring that Scarisbrick Hall and School have a secure and sustainable business model that will meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Having secured the long-term viability of Scarisbrick Hall and School, the Directors are now implementing the 2nd phase of their restoration and business expansion program and seek to raise investment to grow the business.

  • Invest from £50,000
  • Returns of 10.4% per annum from day one
  • Substantial returns to follow
  • Increase share price from 2014
  • Capital investment will be secured against the company and all associated assets

We feel this is a far better opportunity to the Student Pod investments that are dominating the market in the recent months. This is your chance to be part of something very special and achieve over 10% returns whilst being involved.